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How to Clean & Store your C21 Silk Scarf

How to Clean & Store your C21 Silk Scarf

If there is one accessory that really speaks the language of versatility to the sophisticated corporate woman, it is the beautiful C21 silk scarves!

A scarf is a great trans-seasonal accessory, perfect for the in-between season weather which we are currently experiencing.

With their huge popularity, we thought it worthwhile to share some information on storing, cleaning and the do's and don't for caring for your scarf.

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How to store your silk scarf

We recommend hanging your scarf in a cool and dry place as this prevents it from creasing.   Silk fabric creases easily, so to reduce the amount of steaming you can drape your scarf flat over hangers in your wardrobe.   If you are storing your scarf for a long period of time we recommend folding neatly into a breathable pouch or bag, or storing in an airtight container. 

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How To Clean Your Silk Scarf

Hand washing your scarf is going to guarantee a good clean without ruining your scarf.  Choose a detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics, this will ensure the safety of the fabric and colors.  It is important not to use bleach or abrasive stain removing substances.    Submerge your scarf in the water, swirl around in the water at a slow pace with gentle movements.  Rinse your scarf with fresh cold water.   When ringing your scarf of excess water, do so by gently scrunching into a ball.  Do not twist your scarf as it can damage the fibers.   Place a towel onto a flat surface and lay your scarf on top.   Roll your scarf with the towel, this will absorb the remaining moisture.   Place your scarf on a flat surface in a dry area to dry.   If you hang your scarf to dry while very damp it can stretch the delicate fabric.

Never place silk in an automatic dryer, even on low heat. Don't place silk scarves near any source of heat or hang them in the sun because it can cause fading. However, do dry them as quickly as possible. Rapid drying in front of an electric fan prevents the formation of watermarks and helps retain the glossy finish.

Silk should be slightly damp when pressed. Use a warm—never hot!—iron setting. Press the scarf on the wrong (opposite) side of the fabric using a piece of clean white cloth between the silk and the iron.

"My personal go to tip is to use the lowest heat setting on your hair dryer, hold one end and keeping a safe distance very quickly blow the wrinkles out of the fine silk"

We hope you enjoy and love the C21 Silk Scarves as much as we do!


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